The M in Moolex


An Engine for Transforming Our Earth and her People

A Greener, Healthier and Happier Earth begins with the M in Moolex. Engage with the Ecosystem and see how M is incentivizing Moolex citizens in leading greener, healthier and happier lives.

Easy Way to Buy/Sell/Trade at mXchange™

Trading in Petroleum, Precious Metals, Edible commodities, Bonds, Financial Instruments and Antiques is now efficiently simple. It is more lucrative, when you can become a registered Trader and benefit from lines of credit.

Global Bank Network footprint

GBN Member Banks provide access to  
efficient banking

GBN provides global cross border approach to sophisticated banking services

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A Feature About our Ecosystem

M is the Currency that Fuels the Ecosystem

Let M help you lead a greener, healthier and happier life.

Make less effort and sell more

If you are an intermediary or a facilitator, or if you are an asset owner, who is frustrated with failed trades, look at the mXchange Trade Desk as a one-stop-source to sell/buy/trade. And, become efficient with solutions that make you Ready, Willing and Able to transact today.

The Platforms in Moolex

M powers the 108 Platforms and their 27 Associations and 9 Organizational Units which provide the fuel for engine that is transforming our Earth and her People in becoming Greener, Healthier and Happier. 

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Connect with the Ecosystem at the Forum.  Whether you represent a Government, Large Corporation, Small/Medium Enterprise, a Community, an NGO, a Cooperative, or are representing just yourself; you can find a place to start from at the Forum. Search for posts by categories, key words or review most voted , most discussed or recently replied. If you would rather just ask a question, please contact a Moolex Principal and get your complimentary M™ account opened up. Or just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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